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The primary target audience for the material found on this web site includes archaeologists and historians interested in undertaking sometimes highly technical studies and analyses using data recovered from the sites herein reported. We nonetheless invite students, educators, museum curators, and all other interested people to explore our site and to make use of the valuable information found on these pages. Indeed, public funds were used to generate much of the material reported here and, while some of the sections of this site are indeed very technical, other sections include valuable information for anyone interested in colonial-period archaeology. Use this web site to learn more about the important excavations that are shaping new understandings of this period in American history.

The main menu gives you access to the five main areas of the site:

Sites describe the sites used in the project, including each site’s history, archaeological investigations, artifact assemblages, and published or otherwise available references. You can also access site maps, artifact and context databases, photo galleries, historical data, and site reports from each site summary page.

Databases includes an on-line searching feature that allows you to interrogate the comprehensive artifact and context database, which contains over 148,000 artifact records and over 9600 context records from the 34 sites. The Historical Database includes an on-line set of historical data about the owners and occupants of the various sites.

Galleries includes galleries of artifacts, field photos, site maps, and GIS data.

Documents includes analytical and interpretive presentations of data contained in the project’s databases, as well as biliographies and links to digital versions of site reports and other data. Use this page to read about what we have learned from comparing the sites in this project. Use the databases to evaluate our conclusions. If you prepare a paper or other product using our databases, please consider submitting it for inclusion on this web site.

Downloads allow you to download all the data in a variety of electronic formats for your own study. Some of the files are quite large, so read the instructions before beginning a download on a slow connection.

We hope you enjoy the material you will find posted here! For questions, comments, or suggestions, contact Julia A. King (, 240-895-4398) or Gregory J. Brown (

About the Project

A multi-year and multi-institution collaboration aimed at standardizing and synthesizing archaeological data for important sites in the Potomac River Valley during the period 1500-1720.

Technical Data

How we gathered and organized the data, details about the databases, information for those who want to download and work with the data.

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