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Reports and papers focusing on particular specialized analyses of the various sites, where those documents are not provided in the comprehensive site report. Links are provided for electronically-available reports and papers.


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Antenna Field


Clifts Plantation

  • Bowen, Joanne V.
  • 1980   Analysis of the Faunal Remains from Clifts Plantation. Appendix II in Field Archaeology of the Clifts Plantation Site, Westmoreland County, Virginia by Fraser D. Neiman. Report to The Robert E. Lee Memorial Association, Inc., Stratford, VA.

Country's House

Harmony Hall

Heater's Island

  • Moore, Elizabeth A.
  • 2013   Faunal Remains from 18FR72, Heater’s Island. Ms. on file, Maryland Historical Trust, Crownsville.

Henry Brooks


Maurice Clark

Newman's Neck

  • McCartney, Martha W.
  • 1990   44NB180 and Its Historical Continuum: Newman’s Neck, Northumberland County, Virginia. Report to the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, Richmond, VA.

Old Chapel Field


  • Brush, Grace S.
  • 1997   Pollen Study of Two Sediment Cores from Mattawoman Creek, Maryland.. Prepared for the Department of Research, Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, St. Leonard.

Potomac Creek

Tudor Hall

Van Sweringen's

Westwood Manor

Zekiah Fort

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A multi-year and multi-institution collaboration standardizing and synthesizing archaeological data for important sites in the Potomac River Valley during the period 1500-1720.

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