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Site NameSite NumberDatesSummaryArtifact Count
Accokeek Creek18PR81300-1600Piscataway capital70303
Addison18PR1751687-1727Elite planter, slaves72293
Antenna Field18ST3861660-1690Poor tenant of Jesuits1541
Brent44ST1301670-1720Elite planter, English-Native household, slaves19781
Camden44CE31650-1680Potobac Chief's house7851
Clifts Plantation44WM331670-1729Middling tenant, slaves101775
Country's House18ST1-131634-1710Urban elite, slaves580090
Cumberland18CV1711500-1600Palisaded village91242
Fair Fountain18CH41660-1695Trader, tenant, Natives2494
Fendall18CH8051670-1710Elite, governor, slaves45730
Hallowes44WM61647-1681Elite planter, slaves likely8260
Harmony Hall18PR3051692-1710Middling planter, slaves likely4955
Heater's Island18FR721699-1712Fort/village4269
Henry Brooks44WM2051650-1750Elite planter, slaves likely3452
His Lordships Favor18CH7931670-1725Slave quarter1343
Hogue18CH1031680Piscataway hamlet940
John Washington44WM2041651-1730Elite planter, slaves likely10625
Johnsontown18CH7781665-1717Middling planter, Native servant287
Jordan Swamp18CH6941680Piscataway hunting camp172
Mattapany18ST3901665-1740Elite, proprietor, council chamber, slaves470630
Maurice Clark44ST1741694Middling, no slaves52094
Moore's Lodge18CH7771674-1727Middling planter, Natives, slaves, ordinary (tavern)8960
Newman's Neck44NB1801650-1762Middling planter, slaves6501
Notley Hall18ST741663-1700Elite, merchant, council member, slaves, Natives43224
Old Chapel Field18ST2331636-1660Jesuit mission, Natives & slaves likely477781
Posey18CH2811650-1680Mattawoman hamlet26372
Potomac Creek44ST21300-1560Patawomeck capital18634
St. Peter's18ST1-311664-1694Urban elite, slaves3817
Susquehannock Fort18PR81675Susquehannock fort0
Tudor Hall18ST6771676-1684Middling planter4739
Turner18CH2091665-1677Poor tenant774
Van Sweringen's18ST1-191677-1698Urban elite, inn, slaves172009
Westwood Manor18CH6211651-1715Elite, merchant, slaves, ordinary (tavern)7112
Zekiah Fort18CH8081680-1695Piscataway fort77835

Table 1. Site Maps?: (Y) a full site plan is available; (P) a partial site plan is available; (N) no site plan is available; Faunal Rpts?: (Y) bone assemblages have been analyzed; (N) bone assemblages have not been analyzed; Historical Data?: (Y) historical data has been collated; (N) historical data has not been collated.

Artifact Count does not include bone, brick, or shell; (—) bone assemblages were not recovered;

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