Associated Persons and/or Chain of Title

Associated Persons, Fendall

Chain of Title, Fendall

GrantorGranteeGrant DateReference
Land Office Walter Bayne October 2, 1650Pat. Rec. AB&H pg. 52
Walter Bayne Josias Fendall 1670CCLR Deed Liber K folio 167
Josias Fendall William Digges April 8, 1683CCLR Deed Liber K folio 167
William Digges Elizabeth Sewall Digges & Charles Digges July 24, 1697CC Wills A 2
Elizabeth Digges Charles Digges June 17, 1710Pat. Rec. PL3 pg. 473
Charles Digges William Digges May 24, 1744PGC Wills 1741-1745 folio 504
William Digges George Digges April 14, 1783PGC Wills 1782-1784 folio 166; Chancery Record Liber 40, folio 139
George Digges John Campbell 1792CCLR Deed Liber IB 11 folio 387; 1798 Federal Direct Tax
John Campbell Daniel Jenifer August 12, 1816CCLR Deed Liber IB 11 folio 387
Daniel Jenifer William Merrick & Henry Brawner April 2, 1829CCLR Deed of Trust Liber IB 18 folio 304
William Merrick & Henry Brawner John Glenn Before 1848CCLR Deed Liber WM 2 folio 132
John Glenn Anthony B. Simms February 25, 1848CCLR Deed Liber WM 2 folio 132
Anthony B. Simms Antoinette Simms Jenkins 1878Land Commissions Liber BGS 1 folio 65
Antoinette Simms Jenkins Jennie S. Jenkins UnknownCCLR Deed Liber PCM 218 folio 348
Jennie S. Jenkins Charleston Corporation May 11, 1970CCLR Deed Liber PCM 218/348
Charleston Corporation Charleston Partnership December 30, 1988CCLR Deed Liber DGB 1434 folio 7

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