Associated Persons and/or Chain of Title

Associated Persons, Mattapany

Chain of Title, Mattapany

GrantorGranteeGrant DateReference
Maquacomen Jesuit Order 1637-1638Hall 1967: 124
Thomas Copley/Jesuits Lord Baltimore April 3, 1638Hughes 1907(1):477, 489
Thomas Warr Colony 1650Patents AB&H:53, 117; 3:83, Baldwin 1901:8; Richardson 1913:385
Francis Van Enden Colony 1650Patents AB&H:138, 208)
Hopewell and White Colony 1650Rent Roll 1707:334
Lawrence Ward Mary Ward 1650sArch.MD.X:349,356
Mary Ward Lord Baltimore by 1659Arch. MD. XLIX:92
Lord Baltimore Henry Sewall 1662Patents5:271
Jane Sewall Lord Baltimore 1665Patents 7:551
Lord Baltimore, 2nd Jane Sewall 1665Patents 7:551
5th Lord Baltimore Major Nicholas Sewall October 1722MattapanySewallPapers,it.25
Major Nicholas Sewall Nicholas Lewis Sewall 1722Fenwick 1956:218
Nicholas Lewis Sewall Henry Sewall 1800Wills JJ2:251-253
Henry Sewall Fr. Charles Sewall 1801Chancery Court B.22:478; Fresco 1989:452
Henry Sewall Robert Sewall 1801 
Henry Sewall Robert Sewall 1810Deeds 1802:298
Robert Sewall William H. Brent December 1820Wills TT1:284-286
William Brent Sewall Robert Darnall Sewall August 1832Fresco 1989:452
Robert Sewall George Forbes 1840Bowie 1947:584; Fenwick 1956:219; Maryland Provincial Archives, Box 3, f.7
George Forbes Richard Thomas 1840Fenwick 1956:220
Richard Thomas Jane Wallace Armstrong Thomas 1849Thomas 1963:176
Jane Wallace Armstrong Thomas George Thomas 1870Wills JTMR1:275-27
George Thomas Ellen Thomas 1903Wills PHD1:148
Ellen Ogle Thomas John Henry Thomas 1909Wills PHD1:305
John Henry Thomas George & Theresa Weschler 1931Home Owners' Loan Corporation 1942; Thomas 1963:197
Weschler USA February 26, 1942SM Deeds CBG 13:320

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