Welcome to the project web page for “Colonial Encounters: The Lower Potomac River Valley at Contact, 1500-1720 AD,” developed by a consortium of researchers from a number of regional institutions. The purpose of this web page is to report project goals, data, and results for a broad public and professional audience. We invite your interest and participation in this project and hope you find this web site of interest.

What to Look For

As you navigate this site, we invite you to consider our findings and interpretations and to use the databases yourself to confirm or to challenge those interpretations. There are many questions which we will not address as part of this project due to time and funding limitations; feel free to use the databases to explore these avenues and others.

About the Project

A multi-year and multi-institution collaboration aimed at standardizing and synthesizing archaeological data for important sites in the Potomac River Valley during the period 1500-1720.

Technical Data

How we gathered and organized the data, details about the databases, information for those who want to download and work with the data.

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