Minimum Vessel Counts

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Minimum vessel counts.


  • Hallowes Minimum Vessel Count.   Appendix 7 (pp. 179-197) in Hatch, D. Brad, Lauren K. McMillan, and Barbara J. Heath with Crystal L. Ptacek. 2013. Archaeological Reassessment of the Hallowes Site (44WM6)

Maurice Clark

  • Maurice Clark Minimum Vessel Count.   Appendix 7 (pp. 163-167) in Muraca, Dave, Paul Nasca, and Phil Levy. 2011. Report on the Excavation of the Washington Farm: The 2002 and 2003 Field Seasons

Newman's Neck

  • Newmans Neck Minimum Vessel Count.   Appendix IV (pp. 97-100) in Heath, Barbara J., Eleanor E. Breen, Dustin S. Lawson, and Daniel W. H. Brock with Jonathan Baker and Kandace Hollenbach. 2009 . Archaeological Reassessment of Newman's Neck (44NB180)

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