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SiteContext NumberSummaryDeposit Type
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST190Jsquare 190, stratigraphic unit Junidentified
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST200PZsquare 200, plowzoneplowzone
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST201PZsquare 201, plowzoneunidentified
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST202PZsquare 202, plowzoneunidentified
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST203PZsquare 203, plowzoneunidentified
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST204Asquare 204, stratigraphic unit Afeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST204Bsquare 204, stratigraphic unit Bfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST204Csquare 204, stratigraphic unit Cfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST204Dsquare 204, stratigraphic unit Dfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST204Fsquare 204, stratigraphic unit Ffeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST204Gsquare 204, stratigraphic unit Gfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST204Lsquare 204, stratigraphic unit Lfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST204Nsquare 204, stratigraphic unit Nfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST204PZsquare 204, plowzoneplowzone
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST205square 205, stratigraphic unit feature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST205Esquare 205, stratigraphic unit Efeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST205Fsquare 205, stratigraphic unit Ffeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST205Gsquare 205, stratigraphic unit Gfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST205Hsquare 205, stratigraphic unit Hfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST205Jsquare 205, stratigraphic unit Jfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST205Ksquare 205, stratigraphic unit Kfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST205Lsquare 205, stratigraphic unit Lfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST205Msquare 205, stratigraphic unit Munidentified
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST205Nsquare 205, stratigraphic unit Nlayer
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST205P square 205, stratigraphic unit Player
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST205Qsquare 205, stratigraphic unit Qfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST205Rsquare 205, stratigraphic unit Rfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST205Ssquare 205, stratigraphic unit Sfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST205Tsquare 205, stratigraphic unit Tfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST205PZsquare 205, plowzoneplowzone
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST206Csquare 206, stratigraphic unit Clayer
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST206Ysquare 206, stratigraphic unit Yfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST206PZsquare 206, plowzoneplowzone
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST207Asquare 207, stratigraphic unit Afeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST207Csquare 207, stratigraphic unit Cfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST207Dsquare 207, stratigraphic unit Dfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST207Esquare 207, stratigraphic unit Efeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST207Fsquare 207, stratigraphic unit Ffeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST207Gsquare 207, stratigraphic unit Gfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST207PZsquare 207, plowzoneplowzone
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST208Asquare 208, stratigraphic unit Afeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST208Bsquare 208, stratigraphic unit Bfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST208Csquare 208, stratigraphic unit Cfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST208Dsquare 208, stratigraphic unit Dfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST208Esquare 208, stratigraphic unit Efeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST208Gsquare 208, stratigraphic unit Gfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST208PZsquare 208, plowzoneplowzone
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST209Asquare 209, stratigraphic unit Afeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST209Bsquare 209, stratigraphic unit Bfeature
Clifts Plantation44WM33-ST209Csquare 209, stratigraphic unit Cfeature
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