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SiteContext NumberSummaryDeposit Type
Hallowes44WM6-020ER 20, Feature 38, Area IVC10feature
Hallowes44WM6-021ER 21, surface collectionunidentified
Hallowes44WM6-021AER 21A, surface collectionsurface collection
Hallowes44WM6-021BER 21B, surface collectionsurface collection
Hallowes44WM6-021CER 21C, surface collectionsurface collection
Hallowes44WM6-021DER 21D, surface collectionsurface collection
Hallowes44WM6-021EER 21E, Feature 36, Area IVC19, surface collectionfeature
Hallowes44WM6-021FER 21F, Feature 37, Area IVC19feature
Hallowes44WM6-022ER 22, Feature 9, Area VC5feature
Hallowes44WM6-023ER 23, Feature 8, Area VC5feature
Hallowes44WM6-023CER 23C, Feature 8feature
Hallowes44WM6-024ER 24, Feature 4, Area VC5feature
Hallowes44WM6-024AER 24A, Feature 3, Area VC5feature
Hallowes44WM6-025ER 25, Feature 1, Area VC5feature
Hallowes44WM6-026ER 26, Feature 2, Area VC5feature
Hallowes44WM6-027ER 27, Feature 12, Area IVC25feature
Hallowes44WM6-028ER 28, Feature 14, Area IVC25feature
Hallowes44WM6-028AER 28A, Feature 6, Area VC4/5feature
Hallowes44WM6-029ER 29, Feature 17, Area IVC4/5/feature
Hallowes44WM6-029AER 29A, Feature 17, Area IVC4/5/feature
Hallowes44WM6-029BER 29B, Feature 18, Area IVC4/9feature
Hallowes44WM6-029CER 29C, Feature 17, Area IVC4/5/feature
Hallowes44WM6-029DER 29D, Feature 17feature
Hallowes44WM6-030ER 30, Feature 18, Area IVC5/6/feature
Hallowes44WM6-030AER 30A, Feature 33, Area IVC14feature
Hallowes44WM6-030BER 30B, Feature 35, Area IVC14feature
Hallowes44WM6-030CER 30C, Feature 29, Area IVC14feature
Hallowes44WM6-031ER 31, Feature 13, Area IVC4feature
Hallowes44WM6-100ER 100, Area VC10, surface collectionsurface collection
Hallowes44WM6-101ER 101, Area VC15, surface collectionsurface collection
Hallowes44WM6-101AER 101A, Feature 42, Area VC15feature
Hallowes44WM6-101BER 101B, Feature 43, Area VC15feature
Hallowes44WM6-101CER 101C, Feature 44, Area VC15feature
Hallowes44WM6-102ER 102, Area VC14, surface collectionsurface collection
Hallowes44WM6-102AER 102A, Feature 48, Area VC14feature
Hallowes44WM6-102BER 102B, Feature 49, Area VC14feature
Hallowes44WM6-103ER 103, Area VC9, surface collectionsurface collection
Hallowes44WM6-103AER 103A, Feature 51, Area VC9feature
Hallowes44WM6-103BER 103B, Feature 51, Area VC9feature
Hallowes44WM6-104ER 104, Area VC8, surface collectionsurface collection
Hallowes44WM6-105ER 105, Area VC12, surface collectionsurface collection
Hallowes44WM6-105AER 105A, Feature 63, Area VC12feature
Hallowes44WM6-105BER 105B, Feature 63, Area VC12feature
Hallowes44WM6-105CER 105C, Feature 64, Area VC12feature
Hallowes44WM6-105DER 105D, Feature 71, Area VC12feature
Hallowes44WM6-105EER 105E, Feature 71, Area VC12feature
Hallowes44WM6-106ER 106, Area VC13, surface collectionsurface collection
Hallowes44WM6-106AER 106A, Feature 69, Area VC13feature
Hallowes44WM6-106BER 106B, Feature 60, Area VC12/13feature
Hallowes44WM6-107ER 107, Area VC7, surface collectionsurface collection
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