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His Lordships Favor18CH793-1lot 1, shovel test pit, N327025/E1345925mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-2lot 2, shovel test pit, N327025/E1357950mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-3lot 3, shovel test pit, N327050/E1345925mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-4lot 4, shovel test pit, N327050/E1345950mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-5lot 5, shovel test pit, N327050/E1345975mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-6lot 6, shovel test pit, N327075/E1345900mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-7lot 7, shovel test pit, N327075/E1345925mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-8lot 8, shovel test pit, N327075/E1345950mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-9lot 9, shovel test pit, N327075/E1345975mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-10lot 10, shovel test pit, N327100/E1345750mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-11lot 11, shovel test pit, N327100/E1345900mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-12lot 12, shovel test pit, N327100/E1345925mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-13lot 13, shovel test pit, N327100/E1345950mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-14lot 14, shovel test pit, N327100/E1345925mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-15lot 15, shovel test pit, N327100/E1346025mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-16lot 16, shovel test pit, N327100/E1346075mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-17lot 17, shovel test pit, N327100/E1346075mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-18lot 18, shovel test pit, N327125/E1345750mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-19lot 19, shovel test pit, N327125/E1345775mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-20lot 20, shovel test pit, N327125/E1345825mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-21lot 21, shovel test pit, N327125/E1345875mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-22lot 22, shovel test pit, N327125/E1345900mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-23lot 23, shovel test pit, N327125/E1345925mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-24lot 24, shovel test pit, N327125/E1345950mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-25lot 25, shovel test pit, N327125/E1346000mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-26lot 26, shovel test pit, N327125/E1345075mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-27lot 27, shovel test pit, N327125/E1346100mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-28lot 28, shovel test pit, N327150/E1345700mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-30lot 30, shovel test pit, N327150/E1345850mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-31lot 31, shovel test pit, N327150/E1345875mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-32lot 32, shovel test pit, N327150/E1345900mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-33lot 33, surface, N327150/E1345900surface collection
His Lordships Favor18CH793-34lot 34, shovel test pit, N327150/E1345925mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-35lot 35, shovel test pit, N327150/E1345950mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-36lot 36, shovel test pit, N327150/E1345975mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-37lot 37, shovel test pit, N327150/E1346000mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-38lot 38, shovel test pit, N327150/E1346025mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-39lot 39, shovel test pit, N327150/E1346050mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-40lot 40, shovel test pit, N327150/E1346100mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-42lot 42, shovel test pit, N327175/E1345750mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-43lot 43, shovel test pit, N327175/E1345775mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-44lot 44, shovel test pit, N327175/E1345800mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-45lot 45, shovel test pit, N327175/E1345825mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-46lot 46, shovel test pit, N327175/E1345850mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-47lot 47, shovel test pit, N327175/E1345875mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-48lot 48, shovel test pit, N327175/E1345900mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-49lot 49, shovel test pit, N327175/E1345925mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-50lot 50, shovel test pit, N327175/E1345950mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-51lot 51, shovel test pit, N327175/E1345975mixed
His Lordships Favor18CH793-52lot 52, shovel test pit, N327175/E1346000mixed
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