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Tudor Hall18ST677-700field specimen 700, test unit 1, level 1layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-700field specimen 700, area G-1, N950/E780, level 1layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-701field specimen 701, test unit 1, level 2layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-702field specimen 702, test unit 1, level 3layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-703field specimen 703, test unit 1, level 4layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-704field specimen 704, test unit 2, level 1layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-705field specimen 705, test unit 2, level 2layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-706field specimen 706, test unit 2, level 3layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-707field specimen 707, test unit 2, level 4layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-708field specimen 708, test unit 3, level 1layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-709field specimen 709, test unit 3, level 2layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-710field specimen 710, test unit 3, level 3layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-711field specimen 711, test unit 4A, level 1layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-712field specimen 712, test unit 4A, level 2layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-713field specimen 713, test unit 4A, level 3layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-714field specimen 714, test unit 4A, level 4layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-715field specimen 715, test unit 4A, backfilllfeature
Tudor Hall18ST677-716field specimen 716, strat 2, surfacesurface collection
Tudor Hall18ST677-717field specimen 717, test unit 1, Feature AA2-1, level 1feature
Tudor Hall18ST677-718field specimen 718, test unit 1, Feature AA2-1, level 2,feature
Tudor Hall18ST677-719field specimen 719, test unit 1, Feature AA2-6, level 1feature
Tudor Hall18ST677-720field specimen 720, test unit 1, level 5layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-721field specimen 720, test units 1, 2, 3, and 6, wall cleaningcleanup
Tudor Hall18ST677-722field specimen 722, test unit 2, level 5layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-723field specimen 723, test unit 3, level 5layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-724field specimen 724, test unit 3, level 4layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-725field specimen 725, test unit 4, level 2layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-726field specimen 726, test unit 4, level 4layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-727field specimen 727, test unit 5, level 1layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-728field specimen 728, test unit 5, level 2layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-729field specimen 729, test unit 5, level 3layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-730field specimen 730, test unit 5, level 4layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-731field specimen 731, test unit 6, level 1layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-732field specimen 732, test unit 6, level 2layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-733field specimen 733, test unit 6, level 3layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-734field specimen 734, test unit 6, level 4layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-735field specimen 735, test unit 7, level 1layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-736field specimen 736, test unit 7, level 2layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-737field specimen 737, test unit 8, level 2layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-738field specimen 738, test unit 8, level 3layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-739field specimen 739, test unit 8, level 4layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-740field specimen 740, test unit 9, level 1layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-741field specimen 741, test unit 9, level 2layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-742field specimen 742, test unit 9, level 3layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-743field specimen 743, test unit 9, level 4layer
Tudor Hall18ST677-744field specimen 744, test unit 4, Feature AA2-2, strat 1, level 1feature
Tudor Hall18ST677-745field specimen 745, test unit 4, Feature AA2-2, strat 2, level 1feature
Tudor Hall18ST677-746field specimen 746, test unit 4, Feature AA2-2, strat 3, level 1feature
Tudor Hall18ST677-747field specimen 747, test unit 4, Feature AA2-2, strat 2, level 2feature
Tudor Hall18ST677-749field specimen 749, test unit 4,Feature AA2-2, strat 3, level 1feature
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