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SiteContext NumberSummaryDeposit Type
John Washington44WM204-246accession number GEWA-00246, 1930s trenchingfeature
John Washington44WM204-247accession number GEWA-00247, GW200/GW200D/GW230A, plowzoneplowzone
John Washington44WM204-248accession number GEWA-00248, GW201, plowzoneplowzone
John Washington44WM204-249accession number GEWA-00249, GW201A, plowzoneplowzone
John Washington44WM204-250accession number GEWA-00250, GW201B, 1930s trenchfeature
John Washington44WM204-251accession number GEWA-00251, GW201C, ditchfeature
John Washington44WM204-252accession number GEWA-00252, GW202, plowzoneplowzone
John Washington44WM204-253accession number GEWA-00253, GW203, plowzoneplowzone
John Washington44WM204-254accession number GEWA-00254, GW203A, shell middenfeature
John Washington44WM204-255accession number GEWA-00255, GW203J, postmoldfeature
John Washington44WM204-256accession number GEWA-00256, GW203K, postholefeature
John Washington44WM204-257accession number GEWA-00257, GW204, plowzoneplowzone
John Washington44WM204-258accession number GEWA-00258, GW204A, shell middenfeature
John Washington44WM204-259accession number GEWA-00259, GW204B, outbuilding, cellar fillfeature
John Washington44WM204-260accession number GEWA-00260, GW204C, outbuilding, cellar fillfeature
John Washington44WM204-261accession number GEWA-00261, GW204D, outbuilding, cellar fillfeature
John Washington44WM204-262accession number GEWA-00262, GW204E, outbuilding, cellar fillfeature
John Washington44WM204-263accession number GEWA-00263, GW204F, outbuilding, cellar fillfeature
John Washington44WM204-264accession number GEWA-00264, GW204G, outbuilding, cellar fillfeature
John Washington44WM204-265accession number GEWA-00265, GW204H, feature fillfeature
John Washington44WM204-266accession number GEWA-00266, GW204J, outbuilding, cellar fillfeature
John Washington44WM204-267accession number GEWA-00267, GW204K, outbuilding, cellar fillfeature
John Washington44WM204-268accession number GEWA-00268, GW204L, outbuilding, cellar fillfeature
John Washington44WM204-269accession number GEWA-00269, GW205A, pitfeature
John Washington44WM204-270accession number GEWA-00270, GW206A, drainfeature
John Washington44WM204-271accession number GEWA-00271, GW207, plowzoneplowzone
John Washington44WM204-272accession number GEWA-00272, GW207J, dwelling, cellar fillfeature
John Washington44WM204-273accession number GEWA-00273, GW207K, dwelling, cellar fillfeature
John Washington44WM204-274accession number GEWA-00274, GW208/GW208A, plowzoneplowzone
John Washington44WM204-275accession number GEWA-00275, GW209, plowzoneplowzone
John Washington44WM204-276accession number GEWA-00276, GW209A, plowzoneplowzone
John Washington44WM204-277accession number GEWA-00277, Indian artifacts associated with siteunidentified
John Washington44WM204-278accession number GEWA-00278, fossils and rocksunidentified
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