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Elizabeth Sewall

Occupation: Wife, Mother
Born: 1658
Death: 1710
Ethnicity: English
Religion: Catholic
Place of Birth: St. Mary's County, Maryland
Place of Death: Charles County, Maryland
Mother's Name: Jane Lowe
Mother's Origin: Denby, Derbyshire, England
Father's Name: Dr. Henry Sewall
Father's Origin: Lamborne, Berkshire, England
Estate Value (£ s d): 433.04.00
Slaves: 19 (8 male, 9 female)
Servants: 1 (1 male)
Name of SpouseDate of MarriageMarriage Place
Jesse Wharton 1673St. Mary's County, Maryland
William Digges 1681Charles County, Maryland
Name of ChildBirth Date
Jane Digges 1674
William Digges 1678
Edward Digges 1680
Elizabeth Digges 1683
Ann Digges 1685
Charles Digges 1685
Nicholas Digges 1686
Dudley Digges 1689
Mary Digges 1691
John Digges 1697
Digges Purchase/Charlestowne400 CC Will Record A 2 Charles County
Digges Addition295 CC Will Record A 2 Charles County
Pangaia2000 Charles County
Barbadoes1000 Pat. Rec. Liber 15 Folio 157 Charles County - 1673 "Wife of Dr. Jesse Wharton. Patent for Barbadoes"
Liber AB 3 folio 34 WillUnknownUnknown 
Liber 13, folio 96 WillJune 17, 1710Executors: Edward Digges; Executors: Charles Digges & Anthony Neale; Testators: William Chandler & Gerard SlyeDevised September 30, 1705
InventoryNovember 20, 1710Appraisers: William Harbert & Randall Neale; Approved by: Charles Digges & Henry WhartonAppraised on November 15, 1710

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