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Country's House  

William Smith

Occupation: Innholder, Carpenter, Militia Lt./Captain
Death: 1668
Ethnicity: Probably English
Religion: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Place of Death: Unknown
Mother's Name: Unknown
Mother's Origin: Unknown
Father's Name: Unknown
Father's Origin: Unknown
Estate Value (£ s d): 206300 pounds sterling
Slaves: 1 (, 1 female)
Servants: 7 (7 male)
Name of SpouseDate of MarriageMarriage Place
Mary Smith  Unknown
Town Land3 Archives of Maryland 1:539-541 8000 lb tob to take care of country house, 3 acres plus to build on, leased for 51 years
Smyth's Delight1000 Archives of Maryland 49:428  
Prerogative Court Wills Liber 1: 305 WillDecember 18, 1667Executrix: Mary Smith (wife); Witnesses: William Harper, William FardelDate Proved: January 8, 1667 [1668]
MSA TE 1 073-0610 InventoryAugust 11, 1667Appraisers: Daniel Clocker, Thomas Wynne 

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