Associated Persons and/or Chain of Title

Associated Persons, Country's House

Chain of Title, Country's House

GrantorGranteeGrant DateReference
Leonard Calvert 1634Patents 1: 121, 218
Nathaniel Pope 1641 
Leonard Calvert 1646MSA 41:453-454
Lessee: Barnaby Johnson (possibly)   
William Stone by May 20, 1650MSA 10: 104, MSA 41 :454
widow Verlinda Stone 1659MSA 41:389
William Calvert 1661MSA 41:453-454
Hugh Lee probably 1661 
widow Hannah Lee 1661 
Province of Maryland April 1662MSA 1: 456
Lessees: Hannah Lee (& Wm Price)   
Lessee: James Jolly December 5, 1662MSA: 3: 464
Lessee: William Smith April 7, 1664MSA 3: 492, MSA 1: 538-9
Lessee: Mary Smith 1667Test. Proc 4A, 12-13
Lessee: Daniel Jenifer 1668-ca. 1672 
Lessee: Richard Moy probably by 1671-1674Prov Ct Deeds WRC#1, 605-10, MSA 2: 303, 339-340
Lessees: John and Elizabeth Baker January 14 1678Deeds WRC #1, 106-107
Lessee: Charles Carroll February 28 1694MSA: 19: 121, also 20: 251-253
Philip Lynes 1683 
Gabriel Parrott 1697 
George Parker by 1704 
Gabriel Parker 1721 
William Deacon 1727 
William Hicks 1754 
John Mackall 1774Resurveyed 1801, Lib IC # Q, folio 37 as 70 acres.

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